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Modular LV power distribution system

  RS Components has added the Schneider Electric Acti 9 power distribution system to its inventory. This series is a high-performance, modular system comprising low-voltage devices including circuit breakers, contactors, industrial switches and energy meters, and is designed to provide core protection during maintenance and operation in even the most demanding networks and environments in building management and […]

New manager for industrial clients

  Magnet has appointed a Rittal product manager who will support this range. The company has made a substantial investment in Rittal stock holdings to meet demand in KwaZulu-Natal. The range, which encompasses industrial enclosures, electronic packaging, system climate control and power distribution, is aligned with the needs of the company’s industrial client base. The latest […]

High-performance current transducers

  LEM of Geneva, Switzerland, has released the Ultrastab range of very high accuracy AC/DC current transducers. Transducers are available to measure current from 12,5 to 24 000 A.  Linearity errors are of the order of 4 ppm, and the temperature coefficient is given as 2 ppm/ºK. Frequency response is typically DC to 500 kHz, […]