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Demonstrating sensing technologies around a BLE communication link

  EBV Elektronik has announced sensorTAG, a product that demonstrates various sensing technologies around a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) communication link in a small form factor. This new release from EBV is a one-stop-shop with sensorTAG, a battery-powered sensor Hub, and an USB-to-BLE nanoDongle (9 x 17 mm). SensorTAG provides an industry-standard sensor portfolio (STM, […]

Magnetic sensors for ingress resistance

Ifm Electronic’s magnetic sensors offer ingress resistance in all media. Thanks to their full-metal housing, the units are not only used in long-life applications in hygienic areas and the food industry, but also in mechanically demanding applications on telescope and swivel arms or on industrial trucks. The MFS211 sensors can be installed behind covers such […]

Radar sensors for detecting moving or stationary objects

  Banner Engineering has expanded its line of R-Gage QT50R radar sensors with four new models to reliably detect moving or stationary objects. Designed to meet flexible application requirements and weather conditions, the enhanced line of radar sensors is ideal for collision avoidance on mobile equipment, outdoor crane-to-crane proximity detection, high-volume parking and vehicle detection […]

Ultrasonic sensors for switching and measuring

  Longer operating ranges and broader areas of application are two of the features offered by Leuze’s two new ultrasonic sensors. Suitable for switching and measuring applications, the new devices effectively expand the Leuze line of ultrasonic sensors. The Leuze HTU 418B and Leuze DMU 418B switching and measuring devices have an operating range of up […]

Sensors aboard Curiosity vital for analysis

On Saturday 26 November, e2v high performance imaging sensors were launched into space onboard an Atlas V rocket as part of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission, which recently landed a rover named “Curiosity” on the surface of Mars. These sensors equip both the rover’s Chemistry and Mineralogy instrument (CheMin) developed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory […]