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Why I love radio – a personal history of the medium

I grew up in a home filled with music. My parents often had the radio on for most of the day on weekends. We listened to music, news programmes, radio plays, and interviews of important people. I recall the family sitting around the radio listening to “Sunday’s world at 1 PM” catching up with what […]

The ease of breaching enterprise security

  Delivering the opening keynote address at the recent ITWeb Security Summit 2016, Haroon Meer, founder of Thinkst Applied Research said that “enterprise security sucks”.  He feels very strongly about it because people do not like to talk about it, and he has done penetration testing around the world for twelve years and realised it […]

Gadgets4Geeks – April 2014

  Become a great artist       PicsArt Photo Studio – where everyone becomes a great artist! It is the most popular free mobile photo editor and one of the fastest growing photo artists’ social networks and largest galleries of artwork. Download free photo editor at     Red Dot’s “Best of the […]

Gadgets4Geeks – March 2014

  High definition recordings Apogee Electronics has introduced a high definition microphone for iPad, iPhone and Mac. Use MiC 96k to record vocals, voice-overs, acoustic guitar, piano, drums or anything in-between. The new MiC 96k, which features the same look and portable form factor as the original, now provides the ability to make higher fidelity […]