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IT security needs a proactive strategy

  The corporate IT security landscape is changing – and rapidly. An overriding global trend that is dominating media headlines is the increase of cyber attacks – and their impact on businesses. In fact, over the last couple of years, many organisations across the globe have fallen victim to numerous targetted attacks – and South […]

The Stuxnet virus could be lurking on your computer

  In 2009 a virus called Stuxnet caused critical failure in some of Iran’s uranium enrichment facilities in Natanz, leading to a shutdown of that facility in order to prevent meltdown. The virus is acknowledged by many as the first to be created as a targetted weapon. This means that the virus, rather than simply […]

Protecting industrial control systems and SCADA networks

  Cyber attacks on critical infrastructures are now a reality. Power generation facilities, metropolitan traffic control systems, water treatment systems and factories have become targets of attackers and have been hit with an array of network breach, data theft and denial of service activity. Service uptime, data integrity, compliance and even public safety require that […]