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Maximising surge protection safety

  Servicing surge protection devices (SPDs) safely without impacting critical operations has traditionally been difficult but a new generation SPDs is solving this problem. Servicing traditional SPDs poses serious risks to maintenance personnel and mission-critical workloads. If the SPD has an internal disconnect, power on the line side of the disconnect continues to flow even […]

Lightning and surge protection for solar PV plant

Lightning surges in the PV system can damage PV modules and inverters, leading to both high repair costs and considerable profit cuts for the operator of the plant related to system failure. For a complex PV installation, such as a solar power plant, the aim is to protect both the operation building and the PV […]

Panel discussion on lightning and surge protection

by Hans van de Groenendaal, EngineerIT Lightning and surge protection methods are frequent topics of discussion amongst engineers and technicians. While all agree that protective measures are essential, not everyone has the same view on implementation. We invited industry players to participate in a virtual panel discussoin to discuss various aspects of lightning protection.   […]