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Integrated voltage indicator with relay output

The Vois R+ from Kries, is an integrated capacitive voltage indicator according to the IEC 61243-5 standard for voltage detecting in medium voltage switchgear. The change from voltage present to voltage absent is indicated by a change in the arrow symbol on the front panel, from visible to invisible, and can be monitored by the […]

Lightning current arrester for power supply systems

The modular Dehnbloc M lightning current arresters are energy coordinated with Dehn’s Type 2 Dehnguard arresters without the need for additional cable lengths or decoupling coils.  Dehnbloc M is ideally suited for use in the main distribution board of low voltage installations to protect against surges and even direct lightning strikes. Equipped with Radax Flow […]

Toolset for live working up to 1000 V

Haupa’s new Profi VDE toolset is housed in a hard-top case and is designed for live working up to 1000 V. The case has a combination lock and the bottom half of the case is equipped with variable partitions. The content of the case includes 38 tools, all of which have been individually tested to […]

Surge arresters for DC photovoltaic applications

The rapidly growing PV industry, now generating at DC voltages of 600 and 1000 V, has placed exceptional demands on the present and previously available SPD products intended to protect systems components such as inverters, arrays, or combiner box components from the effects of lightning caused surges and transients. Responding to this demand,  Dehn has […]

Modular lightning current surge arresters

Dehn’s Red/Line Dehnventil lightning current surge arresters are designed for ‘all-in-one installation’ making them ideal for use in compact electrical installations. With their lightning current discharge capacity up to 100 kA (10/350 µs) the modular SPDs ensure a high degree of protection, and even in large-scale electrical installations, the DEHNventil devices offer various application options. […]

Battery impedance testing

Battery impedance testing allows the user to test the battery system without disturbing the normal operation of the equipment it serves. There is no need to take the system offline, yet each of the batteries in the strings can be tested. Impedance testing also provides the data required to make an informed decision about whether or not a battery needs […]