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Mine safety technology making strides

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) showcased some of its latest technologies to address mine safety at a media briefing at the Mandela Mining Precinct in Johannesburg during July 2018. These technologies included a ground penetrating radar to monitor rock mass stability, a pedestrian detection system and a robotic system to navigate unsafe […]

Technology available for licensing

The CSIR has 450 technologies available for licensing and further development. These technologies cover engineering, light metals, alloys, advanced polymers, nano-technology and nano-clay. Technology transfer from the CSIR is usually facilitated via licensing which involves the granting of permission to a licensee to use CSIR intellectual property (IP) for a stated purpose under defined conditions. The […]

Power integrity: identifying possible sources of supply noise

  Thanks to the continued fulfilment of Moore’s Law and the explosion of the affordable microcontroller we all enjoy a wide variety of electronic products packed with ever increasing functionality and features. These modern feature-rich products require better quality DC power to operate than their predecessors did. One of the burdens that designers of these […]

Location-based services: business insights and basic functions

  Location information provides insight into human behaviour, and is at the heart of delivering services that are relevant and convenient. Those who understand this, use location information and turn it into revenue. LBS not only drive revenue, but are also the magic ingredient which turns science fiction into reality when it comes to the […]

Spectrum policy key to achieving objectives of SA Connect

  The Wireless Access Providers’ Association (WAPA) has released a draft position paper on spectrum, and recently hosted the second Future Wireless Technologies Forum. Both these initiatives are for the purpose of giving real-world examples and industry insight to the regulator and to policymakers. This context will better enable the various government bodies to achieve […]