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Batteries for industrial and telecoms applications

Aztec, a Southern African distributor and integrator of high-performance lead acid, lithium, flow and other batteries and related products for all applications, offers vanadium redox flow batteries for industrial and telecoms applications. These units are scalable, safe and quick to install, and can provide energy storage and supply anytime and anywhere. The company offers the […]

Telecoms developments in Africa – March 2016

NewTelco SA extends into Kenya The Jasco Group has expanded the presence of NewTelco South Africa into Kenya. The presence will support NewTelco’s existing customers in the region, including Six Telecoms in Tanzania. The East African ICT market is a fast growing ICT market and is attracting much foreign direct investment. NewTelco SA believes that […]

LTE to the rescue of the virtual PBX

A few years ago voice over IP was the rage; every company in the communications business was offering some VoIP service. The problem was that many providers did not do their homework properly which often resulted in a very poor quality of service, giving  VoIP a bad name.  There is now an opportunity with the […]

Telecoms in Africa – January 2015

IDC forecasts greater intra-Africa trade fuelled by ICTs International Data Corporation (IDC) expects 2015 will see Increased intra-Africa trade facilitated by ICT initiatives such as payment systems, financial inclusion initiatives and cross-border payments. Technology will help breach trade barriers, increasing efficiency and encouraging transparency. The market intelligence company says ICT investments addressing African market realities […]