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A $50 satellite? Just ask a radio amateur!

  Radio amateurs can do crazy things, like thinking up a project to build a $50 satellite, get it launched and operational from space! There are two good reasons why radio amateurs can often achieve things that many people consider impossible: radio amateurs can set their own time line and they don’t have to meet […]

Telemetry for water networks

Information from Schneider Electric   Water, a vital resource for human activity, must be drawn off, treated, transported and after it is used, returned to nature clean. This process, now automated, is subject to very demanding quality, environmental and productivity constraints.   Please download the following pdf

Minimising water network costs through telemetry

Emalagleni municipality in Mpumalanga implemented a remote monitoring and control telemetry system from SSE. The purpose of the system was to lower the running costs of its widespread water distribution network. The system consists of ten remote stations with one master station equipped with Adroit SCADA software. Raw water is supplied to an open quarry […]

Launch of new telemetry RTU

SSE has over 25 000 telemetry stations operational in Africa and other parts of the world. Based on the successes of the previous ranges of the SSE telemetry remote terminal unit (RTU), the company recently launched its new RTU, the Maestro 2000 range. Major technology advances such as switch mode PSUs, Ethernet connectivity, advanced processing […]