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Optimising batteries’ lifespan in UPSs

According to Teraco, the key to uninterrupted power within a datacentre lies in optimising the lifespan of the batteries. Optimisation is influenced by incorrect operating conditions within the battery room, and therefore the temperatures need to be kept at an optimum level and also in accordance with the battery manufacturers’ recommendations. This will prevent a […]

Certified to cater for electronic payment providers

Teraco Data Environments has successfully achieved the Level 1 payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS) certification for its co-location data centres throughout South Africa. With credit card fraud on the increase and with the ever-growing shift towards card transactions, security has become a critical focus. PCI DSS is a set of comprehensive standards […]

Virtualisation is a costly stepping stone

Information from Teraco Lex van Wyk, CEO of vendor-neutral Teraco Data Environments says that for most organisations in South Africa virtualisation is just a stepping stone along the path towards cloud computing. He says that virtualisation results in higher server utilisation and much greater power consumption, which can be a very expensive exercise that may […]

Vendor-neutral satellite earth station for Africa

Teraco Data Environments has announced the launch of Africa’s first vendor neutral satellite earth station, due to be completed in March 2013. A satellite earth station is a terrestrial station with multiple parabolic antennas or receivers that function as a hub connecting a satellite with a terrestrial telecommunications network. The station, named the Teraco Teleport, […]

Local exchange for Durban-based ISPs

Teraco Data Environments, South Africa’s first vendor-neutral data centre, has won the bid to host the Durban Internet Exchange (DINX). Teraco is set to make internet history with this announcement by providing Durban-based ISPs with a local exchange for the first time. Network switches were donated by Juniper and Teraco the power and space requirements […]

Data centre environments key to IT strategy

Data centres are key to organisational IT strategies due to the substantially increased demand of application and content access from any location and at any time. Vendor-neutrality is still a new concept in South Africa and there is some confusion over what it really means and what benefits it holds for our clients. A claim […]

Africa cloud exchange launched

Teraco Data Environments recently announced the launch of the Africa Cloud eXchange (ACX). This makes Teraco the first data centre environment in Africa to provide access to a vendor-neutral colocation space for sharing and selling cloud services. The Africa Cloud eXchange provides a secure data centre environment where cloud providers can colocate their service offering. […]