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GNSS receivers for airborne geophysical surveys

Septentrio has announced that GeoDuster Technologies (South Africa), a premium integrator of systems and software built to aid exploration success, has selected the TerraStar-D “Precise Point Positioning (PPP)” service and Septentrio GNSS receivers for use in airborne geophysical surveys for mining geology, exploration, and environmental applications. Terrascan Airborne (Germany), a customer of GeoDuster Technologies is […]

Low-cost global real-time precise point positioning

The new APS-T GNSS survey receiver provides global real-time 10-cm positioning using the TerraStar-D Precise Point Positioning (PPP) augmentation service. It contains a Septentrio GNSS receiver with an embedded L-band modem for receiving TerraStar-D data for computing positions with the PPP technique. The receiver is designed to provide a low-cost, real-time decimetre-level GNSS surveying solution […]