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The changing face of mobile radio

  Digital is fast changing the landscape of the land mobile radio (LMR) industry bringing with it spectrum efficiency, the addition of data and by and large, superior quality of communication. While smaller companies are still hanging onto the legacy analogue FM radio systems, the larger organisation are moving to digital mobile radio (DMR) and […]

TETRA changing the world of PMR

by Gerbrand Steyn, Saab Grintek Terrestrial trunked radio (TETRA) replaces old analogue radio communication systems that no longer meet professional radio communication needs. Gerbrand Steyn In the past, police and fire agencies as well as other professional organisations each had their own, incompatible private radio systems, which were based on vendor-specific proprietary technologies. With the […]

Is there a future for Tetra?

by Hans van de Groenendaal, EngineerIT Today’s world is about broadband, convergence and collaboration. When terrestrial trunked radio (Tetra) was developed as a secure mobile audio communication system aimed at the public safety market, there was no talk about broadband or sharing images and video. Over the past few years that has all changed. Public […]