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Remote power monitoring made easy

  With the constantly growing demand for faster data transmission, innovative devices like the Sineax CAM make remote power monitoring a breeze. Timecount’s principal Gossen-Metrawatt has always been synonymous with high quality instruments and world-class reliability and quality. To be able to analyse the huge amount of measured data in real-time, a transmission medium with […]

Professional multimeter with Bluetooth

The measurement of electrical quantities at running machines or under extreme ambient conditions doesn’t have to be dangerous for the technician. Gossen Metrawatt’s new metrahit ultra professional multimeter makes it possible at a safe distance from the measuring point thanks to integrated Bluetooth. With its 22 multimeter functions, it is suitable for universal electrotechnical use, […]

Systematic energy management

Electrical power, gas, water and heat are central cost factors in the production process and in building management – and energy prices are rapidly rising from year to year. For this reason, more and more companies are deciding to take advantage of comprehensive energy management for improved efficiency and reduced consumption of valuable resources. The […]

Individual programming for special requirements

Baumeister Bahnstromanlagen –Energietechnik relied on a device of the Swiss instrumentation company Camille Bauer and adapted it to the requirements of an industrial customer’s requiements. The company used the standard transducer, Sineax Cam, for a special application. Designed for measurements in electrical distribution networks or industrial plant, the modular system lends itself to the adaptation […]

New range of power disturbance analysers

Timecount, the sole agent for GMC-Instruments, Gossen-Metrawatt is rounding out its product range of power and mains disturbance analysers with Maowatt 30, 40 and 70. These instruments fulfill the standards EN50160, EN61000-4-7 and EN61000-4-15 which are relevant for mains quality measurement, as well as EN61000-4-30 which specifies measuring procedures for voltage quality. The class A […]