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How satellites help explain earth’s magnetic behaviour

The earth’s protective magnetic field is always restless, but every now and then something weird happens – it jerks. Although scientists have known about these rapid shifts for about 40 years, the reason why they occur has remained a frustrating mystery, until now. Since geomagnetic jerks were discovered in 1978, scientists have been trying to […]

Solar tracking company opens Cape Town office

  Exosun, a provider of solar tracking technologies for utility-scale ground-mounted solar plants, is opening a subsidiary in Cape Town. Exosun South Africa’s local team will provide sales, engineering support, as well as training on installation and operation and maintenance of its products. The company is also committed to local manufacturing of its trackers, in accordance with the South […]

Intelligent RFID tagging system OK

As a programmable system with its own battery power, MtrackTag can be hidden within a pallet of goods, out of sight, for a long time to keep tabs on the goods until they reach their destination. Once its task is completed, the system can be remotely reprogrammed to serve another purpose. With the intelligence built […]