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Transformer workshop enlarged

  LH Marthinusen’s Cape Town workshop facility recently completed R2,5-million worth of extensions toits Montague Gardens plant aimed at providing more workshop space for its growing transformer repair business. Andre Maree, the general manager of LH Marthinusen’s Cape Town office, says that the company’s transformer repair business has grown to the point that it needed […]

Rectifier transformers: Technology update

  Industry sectors such as the electrochemical and smelting rely on low voltage high current DC supplies for operation, which are supplied from sources known as rectifier transformers. This article is an overview of the technology available in this field. The transformer and rectifier are provided as a combined unit. The low voltage and very […]

Electrical transient interaction between transformers and the power system

  Transformers are constantly exposed to different types of transient events during their daily operation, which often imposes high stresses on their insulation structure. Field experience has shown that even when good insulation coordination studies and well-known insulation design practices are applied, a significant number of transformers suffer dielectric failures. Such failures may be caused […]

Power transformer fleet condition assessment and risk management

  One of the most difficult aspects of fleet management is how to deal with the unknown. When dealing with hundreds, if not thousands, of assets, the unknown must be managed, and when possible, assessed such that it becomes known. Being proactive, and planning not just for tomorrow, but for the day after tomorrow, is […]

The conditional transformer monitoring myth

  The truth is, there is no such thing as conditional transformer monitoring – it is vital to always be aware of the condition of every single transformer in a fleet (even less critical ones) in order to ensure that maintenance is delivered timeously, and that adequate preparations can be made for outages and potential […]

Reducing SA’s electrical distribution transformer losses

  Forty-eight years after the birth of the first edition of the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS 780: 1966), little has been done in South Africa to reduce the distribution transformer losses as compared to first-world and BRICS countries, with the current edition have been released in 2009. Achieving increased energy efficiency through technological […]