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Condition-based assessment of on-load tap changers

On-load tap changers (OLTCs) are a crucial element of utility networks, as they must operate in a precise fashion in order to maintain a constant voltage output. This must be achieved regardless of variation on input or load. OLTCs have been a weak link in many networks, as they deteriorate over time due to mechanical […]

Persistence, hard work and determination pay off

Growing up in a low-income household, Lindiwe Mkwanazi was determined to get a well-paying job so that she could help to support her family. She worked hard at school and obtained a matric with university exemption. She continued her studies in drafting and passed with distinction. To complete her drafting qualification and be able to […]

Solving the power industry’s packaging needs

Pack Solve offers the industry two packaging options: In-house outsourced solutions, a customer specific solution developed in collaboration with the client creating a full onsite turnkey packaging service; or a third-party outsourced solution, which is developed in partnership with the client and executed at the customer’s choice of location. Speaking to Energize at the Electra […]

Measuring GIC in substations

  A quasi DC current in power substations, which from originates electromagnetic activity produced by the sun, has been known to interfere with and damage utility power equipment. To measure these currents, known as geomagnetic induced currents (GICs), Ohio Semitronics offers the CTH series of Hall Effect DC current sensor. These sensors are installed on […]