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Cybersecurity information sharing in electric utilities

  Cyber threat sharing will play a major role in the electric utility industry in protecting our critical infrastructure. Some utilities in the United States believe there is a need to share the cyber threat information so that they will be better prepared to respond to the cyber-attacks on an electrical grid system. Last year […]

Operator monitors partial discharge on HV cables

  Elia, the power transmission system operator in Belgium, has selected a permanent on-line partial discharge (PD) cable monitoring system from OMICRON for its Stevin project. This project is a major undertaking by Elia to reinforce the high-voltage (HV) power grid in Belgium’s Flanders region. Installation of the company’s cable monitoring system will start in the […]

Communication technologies for smarter grids

  Smart grids gather information and reach conclusions, but to react appropriately to changes in the generating and transmission environment, the systems and the people behind them need a complete view of the network status. Collating the information requires robust communications, because not knowing what is happening makes decision-making difficult. The geographical scale of transmission […]

HVDC connection of offshore wind power plants

  Driven by the EU’s 20% renewable energy target by 2020, the first wave of voltage-source converters (VSC) for high voltage, direct current (HVDC) connected offshore wind power plants (WPPs) have been commissioned around the world, but with a notable high concentration to be found in the North Sea. These early WPP projects have been […]

Eskom’s power transmission development plan

  The Eskom transmission development plan (TDP) represents the transmission network infrastructure investment requirements and covers a ten year window. The plan is adapted and modified on an annual basis to accommodate changes in both generation and load requirements. The latest version of the plan was made public recently and this article summarises the main […]