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Gas-insulated transmission lines: the next generation of power transmission?

High voltage underground cables for power transmission have been in use for many years and number of different technologies have developed over the years. Solid insulation cables have limits when it comes to the voltage that can be carried safely, and oil impregnated paper cable are also limited in the capacity. Gas insulated transmission lines […]

Several firsts recorded on transmission line upgrade project

  EPC turnkey transmission line contractor Babcock has commenced a 15-month contract to upgrade Zambia’s 342 km Kafue Town-Muzuma-Livingstone high voltage transmission line from 220 kV to 330 kV. This is one of the oldest high voltage transmission lines in Africa and the upgrade became necessary to increase the transfer capacity of the line to accommodate […]

Digital migration policy – best kept secret

Last week the Minister of Communications, Faith Muthambi announced that Cabinet had approved the digital migration policy but no one seems to have seen the policy. If it is now an official policy why the secrecy? This policy is long overdue. It was first promised for March 2014 by the previous minister, Yunus Carrim – […]

16 year old to coordinate amateur radio activity for young people

The South African Radio League (SARL) has as one of its major objectives the promotion of amateur radio amongst the youth of South Africa.  In years gone by young people moved into amateur radio by playing with crystal sets or tuning around the shortwave bands of the family’s radiogram. They would stumble across a group […]

Eskom defers transmission development plan and N-1 compliance

  Eskom’s latest transmission development plan (TDP), for the period 2015 – 2024, will defer capital expenditure due to financial constraints. The new plan, an updated version of the 2013 – 2022 TDP, will be published in full by the end of November. The plan was shared at a public forum which was attended by […]

Losses and costs associated with HVDC and UHVDC transmission lines

  Reduction in electrical energy consumption requires power utilities to employ most efficient ways of electrical energy delivery from generation to distribution infrastructures. For bulk power transfer over long distances improved transmission efficiency is a primary target to ensure less electrical energy losses and costs. The application of conventional HVDC schemes at 500 kV DC […]