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Why fast-charging reduces lithium-ion batteries’ output

  Lithium-ion batteries are seen as a solution for energy storage of the future and have become indispensible, especially in electromobility. Their key advantage is that they are able to store large amounts of energy but are still comparatively light and compact. Lithium-ion batteries however can develop a major problem during charging and that is […]

Lithium batteries: Best energy storage technology

  Wind and solar power are inherently intermittent energy sources. Energy has to be stored during productive periods so that these fluctuations can be compensated for. The focus lies on battery systems which used to be too expensive to be employed on a large scale. Now, a number of different electrochemical technologies are competing to become the benchmark. […]


Information from Siemens In the future, smart buildings will adjust their electricity consumption to fluctuating supplies of solar and wind power automatically. A recent study demonstrates the technical feasibility of this approach.  Wind facilities now account for roughly 7% of all the electricity generated in Germany, with almost 2% obtained from solar generation. Over the […]