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Survey-grade lidar for unmanned aircraft systems

Riegl Laser Measurement Systems has introduced the world’s first survey-grade UAS lidar sensor. The innovative sensor was designed to meet the challenges of emerging surveying solutions by UAS, gyrocopters, and ultra-light aircraft, both in measurement performance and in system integration. The VUX-1 is an ultra lightweight lidar  sensor with less than 4 kg overall weight, […]

Namibian firm acquires multi-purpose UAS

  Afgen, a distributor of C-Astral aerial surveying systems, has sold a Bramor C4Eye unmanned aerial system (UAS) to Christo Pieterse Land Surveyors in Swakopmund, Namibia. The multi-purpose UAS is the latest in C-Astral’s Brumor range, and is suitable for civilian and military operations where real-time or near-real time video surveillance is important. The UAS […]

UAS for real-time video surveillance

The Bramor C4Eye line is used for operations where real-time or near-real time video surveillance is crucial. Stabilised C-Astral Eye interchangeable gimbals provide electro-optical CCD and uncooled microbolometer abilities which track moving objects, people and events at chosen distances, day and night. Features include simple flight planning; “one-person” operation; catapult takeoff; accurate parachute landing in […]