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Preventing data corruption during an extended power outage

  Despite advances in computer technology, power outages continue to be a major cause of PC and server downtime. Protecting computer systems with uninterruptible power supply (UPS) hardware is part of a total solution, but power management software is also necessary to prevent data corruption after extended power outages. Various software configurations are discussed, and […]

Participation in UPS assessment for EC’s green products initiative

  Eaton is participating in the pilot phase of the product environmental footprint (PEF) assessment for uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) under the European Commission´s new “Single Market for Green Products” Initiative. The PEF is one of two approaches proposed under the initiative for establishing EU-wide measures of environmental performance for both products and organisations. Eaton is […]

Bespoke containerised UPS solution

  An engineering firm that fabricates mechanical parts for mining applications required constant and clean power to keep machinery running and prevent damage to equipment as a result of power outages. Erratic power supply in the area and frequent outages also resulted in loss of productivity as the systems are switched over to backup generators. […]

Online double conversion UPS

  This PSS true online double conversion UPS is said to be the perfect way to protect any equipment in a server room environment, whether it be an expensive server or any standard server. With a constant supply of pure sine wave output, whether the unit is on battery mode or mains, the unit suits […]

High-power UPS protection in parallel

  The EPower UPS is designed to protect your electronic equipment against power blackouts, sags, surges and high/low voltages. The EPower series is a true online double conversion transformer-based UPS with a 0,9 power factor. The units are sized from 10 – 800 kVA, and have the ability to allow up to four units in […]

New UPS provides simple and effective power protection

Eaton has announced a new range of high-efficiency uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) developed specifically to meet the needs of contractors, installers and facilities managers with requirements for a cost-effective power protection solution that’s easy to implement and use. The company’s new 93E series UPSs, which are available in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, feature […]