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Single output AC-DC power supplies series

  XP Power recently announced the CCB200 series of ultra efficient “green” 200 W single output AC-DC power supplies, for medical and industrial applications. Suiting convection cooled applications that require a very high efficiency in an open frame design, the series has a typical efficiency of 94% and a maximum of 95%, with a flat […]

AC-DC power supplies upgraded

  TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the TDK-Lambda HWS-A series of AC-DC power supplies, which comprises five models rated from 15-150 W to meet a wide range of customer requirements. A significant upgrade of the established HWS series which was originally introduced in 2005, typical industrial applications include equipment used for factory automation, process […]

Front end power supplies

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the TDK-Lambda RFE1600 series of front end power supplies – 1,6 kW 1U high units for stand-alone and distributed power architecture (DPA) applications requiring reliable 12 V, 24 V, 32 V and 48 V bulk power in the communications, test and industrial markets. Up to 20% output voltage adjustment […]

Improved structural design for updated enclosure

Verotec has redesigned its flagship Verotec case, from the ground up. The enclosure is widely specified for applications where a stylish, modern design, high levels of functionality and outstanding technical attributes are required. The updated enclosure features an improved structural design that gives increased strength and rigidity without compromising the clean, uncluttered appearance. Verotec is […]

Components for industrial networking

Microsens now offers a new series of high performance products for industrial networking in a compact design. The Entry Line compact series includes copper/fiber optic media converters, switches, and power-over-Ethernet injectors and splitters. All of them just cover the surface area of a modern smartphone and can be directly assembled on the DIN rail or […]

Compact, low-profile 225 W AC-DC power supplies

XP Power recently announced the ECP225 series of efficient low profile AC-DC power supplies. Delivering up to 150 W by convection cooling alone, the units deliver a maximum of 225 W when a forced air flow of only 10 CFM is applied. The power supplies have a typical efficiency of 94% and a no-load power consumption of less […]

AC/DC modules for use in the field range

Whether splash water, condensed water or completely under water – MTM Power modules are said to be absolutely waterproof. Their thermoselective vacuum encapsulation enables an undisturbed use of the power supply modules with AC (90…264 V AC) and DC (100…353 V DC) wide input range in the field range. The modules of the series PM-IP67A […]

High-density power supplies

TDK Corporation highlights the unique arbitrary waveform generation capabilities of the TDK-Lambda Z+ series of high-density, 2U format benchtop and rack mounted 200 W and 400 W power supplies. The ability to create and store up to four application specific test waveforms removes the need for an external controller in basic simulation tasks. Up to […]

Compact low profile 60 W AC-DC power supplies

XP Power recently announced the ECP60 series of compact low profile 60 W AC-DC power supplies. These highly efficient units typically 88% efficiency, measure just 101,6 x 50,8 x 30,4  mm, and fit into an  industry standard footprint. Also, having a no load power consumption of less than 0,5 W the ECP60 series helps designers ensure their […]

Power supplies for harsh environment applications

XP Power recently announced the CCH400 and CCH600 series of compact single output baseplate cooled 400 W and 600 W AC-DC power supplies for harsh environmental applications. With its highly efficient design of up to 90% efficiency, this series is described as generating less waste heat than current products on the market critical for sealed […]