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Video surveillance enhances remote site security management

  Video surveillance in remote site monitoring provides new tools for security teams. Real-time streaming makes it possible for security teams to respond appropriately to a security incident.  In the event of an intruder alarm from a remote site, security teams will be alerted and will be able to see live video streaming to more […]

UAS for real-time video surveillance

The Bramor C4Eye line is used for operations where real-time or near-real time video surveillance is crucial. Stabilised C-Astral Eye interchangeable gimbals provide electro-optical CCD and uncooled microbolometer abilities which track moving objects, people and events at chosen distances, day and night. Features include simple flight planning; “one-person” operation; catapult takeoff; accurate parachute landing in […]

Video surveillance in power substations

by Harry Hsiao, Moxa Power substations play a crucial role in delivering electricity to consumers by converting transmission voltage to the lower voltage used in homes and businesses. Since power plants are often located far from the population centre they serve, electricity needs to be transmitted across long distances at a higher voltage. Please download […]