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Why do we experience poor VoIP quality?

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) relates to phone service over the internet. This facility is its greatest asset but is also frequently the cause of frustration and poor quality of service. However, the problem is the network over which many companies run their VoIP communication services. Ideally there would be a totally separate dedicated network […]

Hosted and virtual PBX systems – similar but not the same

  Hosted and virtual private branch exchanges, better known as PBXs,  share some of the same technologies but are operationally very different. South Africa has lagged in the development of hosted and virtual PBXs because the carrier, voice over IP (VoIP), was illegal for many years. It was only legalised on 1 February 2005 after […]

Winning article in 2016

  Peter M’Crystal of Teralink Networks is the winner of the EngineerIT best technical article for 2016 with his article “Fibre as the last mile of connectivity when implementing VoIP”. The article appeared in the July issue of EngineerIT. In recognition of his efforts, M’Crystal received a Canon Maxify MB5340 wireless printer, copier, scanner and […]