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Analysts share their 2017 expectations

  The days when one could lift out one or maybe two trends expected to dominate a new year are long gone. There are so many issues that are likely to dominate 2017 that it would be more appropriate to highlight a few of these issues that stood out in 2016 and are likely to […]

Voice will become data

  The adoption of long term evolution (LTE) is following the example of 3G but at a much faster rate. However for telcos who are evolving to LTE it is not an option to operate separate networks for voice and data. Voice is set to become data and an integral part of LTE. LTE and […]

Standards for measuring voice quality

  Hello…hello…can you hear me…hello please can you move to another spot so that the signal can improve. This type of conversation is becoming more the norm than the exception in South Africa lately. With the mobile voice penetration in South Africa being almost 100% it evident that voice traffic is aprominent medium of communication. […]