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WAPA to address outdated EIRP limitations

  In 2016 one of the driving forces at the Future of Wireless Technology Forums (FWTF) hosted by the Wireless Application Providers Association (WAPA) is to address issues around the outdated equivalent isotropically radiated power (EIRP) limitations in the licence-exempt bands for point to point (PtP) links. Jens Langenhorst, the newly elected chairman for 2016 […]

LTE the ultimate in mobility? Think again, 5G is on its way!

  Nokia Networks was the real winner at AfricaCom 2014 when it comes to the future of telecommunication technology. Mainly focussing on its research on mobile communications, the company showed two innovative concepts:  voice over LTE;  and where the next generation of mobile access is going – giving customers a virtual zero latency gigabit experience […]

Spectrum policy key to achieving objectives of SA Connect

  The Wireless Access Providers’ Association (WAPA) has released a draft position paper on spectrum, and recently hosted the second Future Wireless Technologies Forum. Both these initiatives are for the purpose of giving real-world examples and industry insight to the regulator and to policymakers. This context will better enable the various government bodies to achieve […]

Hands off: 2 GHz is for WiFi traffic

  Half of the traffic on the internet travels via WiFi in the licence-free spectrum of the 2 GHz band, however industry experts see potential problems ahead as mobile operators are eyeing the licence-free spectrum as useful spectrum for LTE back-hauling. The WiFi  spectrum must be protected, say industry leaders. The Wireless Access Providers’ Association […]

ICASA kills industry’s hope for E-band

  At WAPA’s Future of Wireless Technology Forum there was hope that a regulatory framework could soon be in place for E and H millimetre bands. ICASA councillor, William Stucke showed his support for this in the opening presentation, but the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA)’s management dealt a blow to this notion […]