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South African Internet Map launched

  The South African Internet Map was launched in August, and provides an overview of the largest websites in South Africa ( Every website is a circle on the map, where the size of the circle is determined by the site’s unique South African browsers (its local readership). The different websites are grouped into categories, where […]

Free branded maps tailored for websites

MapIT now offers free maps to businesses and individuals who wish to use maps on their website. This includes blogs or other social network outlets in order to locate company premises, directions to events, clubs or for which ever purpose that may require a pinpointed descriptive map and door-to-door directions. The maps offer additional value […]

A new web vision

by Arthur Goldstuck, WorldWideWorx The past five years have seen a major shift in the design and quality of corporate and high-profile websites. Especially in the media environment, the understanding of best practise has evolved in clicks and bounds. The result is that most media sites are slick and user-friendly. But also that most media […]