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LED floodlights with fully isolated drivers

LED floodlight solutions have become popular in industrial and commercial holdings, and even more so with safety and security playing a vital part in decision making. Commercial and industrial floodlights are designed to provide bright, even lighting across widespread areas with ease. The HLF floodlight series from Major Tech is suitable for warehousing, agricultural holdings, parking lots […]

Motion sensor saves money

The PIR34 infrared motion sensor automatically turns lights on when motion and body heat are detected. It is an energy-saving lighting switch featuring a high-sensitivity detector with an integrated circuit and SMT. The PIR34 has a 180° detection range made up of vertical and horizontal detection fields. It uses human motion infrared rays as control […]

SANS certified, NRCS approved circuit breakers

Major Tech has recently launched an extensive range of IEC/SANS certified and NRCS approved circuit breakers to complement its current range of switches, sockets and enclosures. The circuit breakers are branded Major Tech and have been tested according to IEC60947-2 in conjunction with SANS 556-1 and VC 8036 to ensure the exceptional quality. Circuit breakers […]