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Eskom wins Concourt judgement

  The Constitutional Court has affirmed Eskom’s award of a R5-billion contract to Areva for the replacement of the six steam generators at the Koeberg power station near Cape Town. This decision ends a long-standing dispute between the power utility and Westinghouse, a rival service provider. According to a report on Business Day’s website (, […]

New evidence to Concourt leads to suspension of Koeberg manager

  A routine letter sent by Koeberg nuclear power station manager, Riedewaan Bakardien, to a wide range of suppliers has lead to his suspension by Eskom, as the utility assesses the impact of the letter on its appeal to the Constitutional Court of South Africa (Concourt) against a Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) judgement ordering […]

DoE awards $8-million for nuclear research

  The US Department of Energy (DoE) has selected Westinghouse Electric and its research partners to receive $8-million in research awards over the next three years to fund a series of projects. Jim Brennan, the company’s Engineering Centre of Excellence senior vice president says the award provides a wonderful opportunity for the company to advance its […]

Eskom and Westinghouse respond to article in Energize magazine and other publications

  The following written responses have been received by EE Publishers from Eskom and Westinghouse to an article on the awaited judgement of the Constitutional Court of South Africa in respect of a R5-billion contract between Eskom and Areva for the replacement of six steam generators at Eskom’s Koeberg nuclear power station in the Western […]

Eskom – changing the goalposts and rules of the game at half-time?

  For the third time since awarding a R5-billion tender to Areva in 12 August 2014, Eskom found itself defending its award decision – this time in the highest court of the land. While Eskom and Areva appealed to the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) that the award of the contract for the replacement of six steam […]

Westinghouse opposes Eskom, Areva appeal to Concourt, and lodges counter appeal

  In further developments in the ongoing dispute of a R5-billion contract award by Eskom to Areva, Westinghouse has opposed their applications to the Constitutional Court for leave to appeal a Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) judgement on 9 December 2015. The SCA judgement had set aside the contract, declared it “unlawful”, and ordered that […]

A very tender process: Eskom’s Koeberg contract ruled unlawful

  The spotlight of controversy continues to shine on an Eskom contract with Areva to replace six steam generators at its Koeberg nuclear power station, which was set aside and ruled as “unlawful” and “unfair” in a scathing judgement by the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) on 8 December 2015. However, Eskom has refused to […]