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Cost-reduced drone-based wind turbine inspections

Sulzer & Schmid Laboratories has launched a new inspection platform, the 3DX HD, which has been developed as a cost-effective solution to cope with large volumes of high definition wind turbine blade inspections. Based on the compact and flexible DJI M-210 drone, the platform delivers fully autonomous drone inspections at a lower cost compared to […]

Energize Inbox, March 2014

  This month’s letters focus on the lack of maintenance of City Power’s infrastructure, the use of PV for small businesses, and the value of monitoring wind turbine output.  Send your letters to: Our winning letter! Maintenance is where City Power falls short Sir I noticed that City Power has installed 153 smart meters in […]

Offshore figures hide slow-down in new projects

  2013 saw 418 offshore turbines come online in Europe, with a record 1567 MW of new capacity. This is 33% more than the capacity installed in 2012. This makes a new total of 6562 MW of offshore wind power – enough to provide 0,7% of the EU’s electricity. However a closer look at what happened […]