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The millimetre bands are useless! Are they?

From the dawn of radio by Marconi and others, some segments of the radio spectrum were declared of no real value. The high frequency (HF) bands (shortwave) first earned this “useless position” because long and medium waves were considered the only frequencies of value. Then, radio amateurs pioneered international communications on shortwave and before long […]

ICASA wants flexible regulatory regime for 5G

One of the key strategies geared at achieving the digital agenda in South Africa is to ensure that the regulatory regime for IMT-2020 is flexible, supports innovative technologies and serves the needs of end users. The inaugural Fifth Generation (5G) Forum was hosted by the Independent Commuications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) on 1 and […]

WRC19 – industry must make its voice heard

With the 2015 International Telecommunications Union (ITU) World Radio Conference (WRC15) having completed its work late last year, the wheels have already been set into motion to start preparing for the next conference, WRC19.   The Department of Telecommunication and Postal services (DTPS) held a WRC-15  debriefing meeting in Pretoria on 9 June 2016 to share […]