“Basis of contract” clause – the danger is in the detail

  The United Kingdom (UK) Court of Appeal recently upheld a decision which confirmed that the “basis of contract” clause in a proposal form for insurance cover constitutes a warranty, even where the insurance policy makes no reference to the form. The Technology and Construction Court’s decision in Genesis Housing Association versus Liberty Syndicate Management […]

Consulting engineering – no sword makers, only tin smiths

  I have developed a number of relationships with professionals and semi-professionals. There is my doctor, dentist. I have a plumber, an electrician, a garden service provider and so on. I chose none of them on the basis of the lowest price. If I were to quibble with them about price, the doctor would cut […]

At the Highveld regional AGMs

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Trade Test A training over two days

  The Highveld region presents a two-day practical evaluation for registered apprentices following their successful completion of M0 – M3. The practical tasks completed by the candidates include wire ways; distribution board set-up and wiring (single and 3-phase); light circuits including intermediate switching; socket outlet circuits including 3-phase sockets; dedicated socket outlet circuits; kW/h metering […]

Contract price adjustment provisions

  Work groups 160 and 162 fell by 4 and 5% month-on-month respectively, lowering the annual rate of change to 6,7 and 4,9% as at April 2014. The downward adjustment is due to another price cut of EC grade rod (down 2,3% m/m), a 1,1% drop in the price of zinc and an 8% decrease […]