The importance of staying abreast with legislation

  Electrical contractors in South Africa are becoming reluctant to issue Certificates of Compliance (CoCs) because of ignorance of the continual amendments to the electrical regulations and legislation. To compound the problem, very few contractors are familiar with the Electrical Installations Regulations promulgated in 2009 and are, to this day, unable to distinguish between the […]

Bring back effective training for electricians

  When industrial, industry-related education was incorporated into the technical college curricula as the “N” subjects, the practical focus of industrial education encompassed both theoretical and practical training in workshops or classrooms, as well as on the job. This provided good development for the trade person, introducing them into the industry as semi-skilled people with […]

Electricity problems converge as Eskom CEO departs

  by Chris Yelland, investigative editor, EE Publishers With former Eskom CEO Brian Dames’ recent resignation, Eskom must now face enormous problems led by an acting CEO with no direct experience of running a major state-owned enterprise or a business the size of Eskom, or of managing projects with the size and technical complexity of […]

E-tolls, industry and the plight of the small business

  by Mark Botha, editor The recent introduction of the e-toll system as part of the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) is adding to the soaring cost of doing business in South Africa, and to the woes of the country’s small business sector. As the Road Freight Association (RFA) puts it, small enterprises which fail […]

New plug and socket system for SA

  by Mark Botha, editor The Wiring Code (SANS 10142-1) has identified SANS 164-2 as the preferred standard for plugs and socket systems in 2013, and it is now expected that this configuration will be phased in on new installations as of next year. The standard specifies a three-pin, hexagonal plug-and-socket configuration developed in 1986 […]

Plug into energy efficiency

by Valerie Geen, National Business Initiative The National Business initiative (NBI) has been awarded £8,6-million by the Department of International Development (DFID) to implement a countrywide project on Energy Efficiency support to commercial and industrial companies of various sizes and sectors. We call on the private sector to plug into the NBI’s energy efficiency initiative […]