Mini box and micro dome cameras

Schneider Electric has announced the local availability of its new ONVIF Pelco Sarix IL10 Series mini box and micro dome cameras, the first of a series of new Sarix fixed IP camera products to be released in 2013. Delivering on customer needs and preferences, the HDTV high-definition IP network cameras offer a cost-effective solution for […]

Motor protection for underground machinery

NewElec’s 100M Series of locally manufactured electronic motor protection relays is ideally suited for fitting into gate-end boxes for protecting underground coal cutting machinery and transformers. The series protects against phase unbalance and loss, even on lightly loaded motors. The relays accommodate, more exactly, the thermal withstand capabilities of the protected motor and provide thermal […]

Electronic ignition transformer

  Durag’s D-HG 55 electronic ignition transformer ensures safe and powerful ignition of gas and oil burners, as used in ovens and furnaces in chemical industries, incinerators or any other kind of industrial application. The powerful spark enables reliable ignition of gaseous and liquid fuels. Therefore, the spark of the electronic ignition transformer is approximately […]

Signal SPD for video surveillance systems

Copa’s new COP903 is a surge protection device for coaxial cable-connected systems such as video surveillance systems and similar equipment. This unit also protects the 12 V DC voltage supplied from the power supply to the cameras. The SPD is DIN rail mountable which makes for a neat installation into 48 cm racking systems. With […]

Relays to eliminate pump motor damage

Pumps are indispensable in mining, petroleum recovery, pipelines, refining and many manufacturing operations, therefore any failure can cause costly, unscheduled downtime. A pump and drive motor can fail in other ways, including pumps running dry and jammed pumps causing the motor to overload, which can lead to catastrophic damage to the motor and other electrical […]

Offer on retardant enclosures

Major Tech will be launching a new offer of high quality flame retardant electrical enclosures including DIN rail distribution boards, a range of different-sized IP55 junction boxes and an array of IP65 weatherproof enclosures. The entire range of enclosures has both CE accreditation and has been tested to IEC standards to ensure the standard meets […]