High-power, modular LED floodlight launched

BEKA Schréder announces the launch of its new modular LED floodlight, the OMNIblast-E. The locally-manufactured product is ideal for sports venues and other large-area applications. This LED solution, available in three sizes, offers an alternative for traditional fixtures fitted with 600 to 2000 W HID lamps. A modular concept of optical units means that one, […]

Floodlighting ideal for sports applications

Paarl Boys High School celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2018. The school completed its new Astro hockey field as part of the celebrations. Floodlighting was included as part of the hockey field build and the recently launched OMNIblast-E was the floodlight of choice. A mixture of OMNIblast-E-1 and OMNIblast-E-2 LED floodlights was installed to achieve […]

Lighting trends for 2019

When you give your space a fresh look, don’t forget about lighting; it can impact the overall feel, and not just when it’s turned on. Well-considered lighting can fulfil both a functional and decorative role. Some trends to look out for in 2019 include natural texture and raw materials: lighting made with natural textures and […]

Advanced, programmable time switches

Legrand’s AlphaRex³ and MicroRex time switches provide easy programming in industrial, commercial and domestic environments. The devices switch electric circuits on or off at selected, pre-programmed times. These analogue and digital time switches also feature an automatic return facility and a permanent forced switching on and off override control. The AlphaRex³ series offers a user-friendly, […]