Standardised communication for LED control

  Osram adds to the standardisation of the communication between LED control units and LED modules with the interface, which ensures optimal efficiency, high reliability and cost reduction within LED systems. With licensing and a partnership model, the company also enables other companies to use its technology and logo. The interface enables communication between various […]

Compatibility important for LED solutions

  Compatibility with the various automation systems available on the market is an important element in implementing a successful LED lighting solution. LED Lighting South Africa has developed a multi-function interface unit which can communicate with both analogue and digital control signals. For single channel analogue operation, the Protocol Interface Unit can communicate with 0 […]

New compulsory specification for incandescents

  VC8043, the compulsory specification for incandescent lamps, has been published but has not yet been reflected on the NRCS website. This specification covers the more efficient incandescent lamp and lays down requirements for light output (lamp efficacy) and a life requirement of >1000 h. The following three standards have been circulated for final voting […]

IESSA presents lighting school

This lighting course will be of value to everyone who designs and inspects lighting systems, in particular: • Municipal engineers, technicians and managers. • Building and industrial engineers, technicians and managers. • Electrical contractors and certified electricians. • Lighting equipment suppliers and buyers. • Electrical engineers – professionals and students requiring a competency to design […]