Re-assessment and time to do things differently

Following on with the theme in last month’s column, this month I have a question for you:  have you ever carried out a re-assessment of yourself and your business or practice? I have done this regularly over the last number of years. Sometimes, it was with the help of a coach or another third party […]

Understanding the basics of power measurement theory

Electrical power applications are changing rapidly which means the load on the electric network is changing: more harmonics and more risk of unbalance. This so-called “bad” power costs money and wastes energy. This article provides some basic theory to understand what is happening with today’s electrical applications. Apparent power To understand the relation between active […]

Machine learning algorithms in boiler plant root cause analysis 

It is often difficult to determine detrimental boiler conditions because the large number of boiler input and output parameters create a complex problem. Such was the case in this study, where a radiant superheater and internal desuperheater were retrofitted in an existing industrial water-tube boiler at a South African sugar mill. After installation, the steam […]