Output control of a battery of centrifugal pumps

by C Dewar, 1974 From the ICMEESA archive A detailed investigation of a pumping system, its pump characteristics and surge pressures, for the adoption of a control system using flow as a criterion. Download PDF

Stresses due to lateral forces in tubular modular track

  by Brendan van Schoor and Prof. Hannes Gräbe The tubular modular track (TMT) system is a relatively new innovation in railway technology. It is a non-ballasted track structure which provides a more stable and reliable track system requiring less maintenance. Download PDF

Case study: Waste granite recycled into cobble stones

  Information from SEW Eurodrive A proposed design to rehabilitate abandoned granite mines creates low-skill employment and generates income. Download PDF

Largest ever maritime salvage challenges engineers

  by Edwina Ross, IDC Technologies Righting the ill-fated liner Costa Concordia off the environmentally-sensitive Tuscan coast has challenged engineers to the world’s largest maritime salvage project ever. Download the Pdf

Reasons for using controlled mechanical brakes – part 2

  by Grant Ray Sutherland, 1958 From the ICMEESA archive Controlled retardation through high-pressure, oil-controlled spring brakes speeds up the winding cycle of AC and DC winders with safety. Download the Pdf

Managing diesel particulate matter

by Ossie Carstens, Deutz Dieselpower This article clarifies the origins of diesel particulate matter (DPM) in exhaust emissions and uses those insights to derive principles to manage these levels. Please download the PDF

High-pressure oil-controlled brakes for winders

by Grant Ray Sutherland, 1958 From the ICMEESA archive A calliper-type brake gear designed to operate with oil-controlled spring units for even distribution of pressure and wear. Download the PDF document