Efficiency and control remain understated

  Despite increasing electricity costs and all-round talk of energy efficiency, there is still plenty of room for performance improvements according to Schneider Electric’s Anthony Pickering, the vice president for the company’s Industry in Africa and the Caribbean zone. Pickering, who visited South Africa after his recent appointment to this newly established position, which the […]

Solar park concept resurfaces in ministerial determination

  The concept of a large solar park, accommodating a substantial solar energy generating capacity was first mooted in 2009, when a proposal to construct a 5 GW solar park in the Upington area was made by the minister of energy. The project has been overshadowed by the success of the REIPPPP, which ran independently […]

An open letter to solar companies: beware alliance with the gas industry

  Oil and gas companies are professing that the natural gas and solar industries should be partners, working together supposedly to mutual benefit. It is a strategy that should be avoided by all solar companies able to do so, in other words, those which are not owned by oil and gas companies, as long as […]